Advantages of HONOR MagicBook Pro

Which entry-level low-cost laptop is more popular in the past two years? HUAWEI HONOR MagicBook must be on the list. With the subsidy and low-cost strategy of Ryzen processors, laptops of various manufacturers are no longer electronic waste. They are “cost-effective” machines.

The excellent performance and low price of Ryzen series CPU make more and more users choose laptops with the same price. After all, for most people, laptops are only used for daily office work, Internet access and study. If low-priced laptops can meet the demand, then there is no need to waste money on high-priced laptops.

HONOR MagicBook was born for this. At present, almost all HONOR products on the market have AMD versions. Their performance can satisfy the daily office needs. And people can choose the sizes of laptops as needed. This has caused certain problems: they are all the same price and the same name. Which one should I choose?

This article is to solve this problem. What is the difference between the HONOR MagicBook Ryzen versions on the market and how to choose them?

In terms of appearance, except for MagicBook, MagicBook 14/15/Pro is designed with four narrow borders. The narrowest of them is MagicBook Pro. Although Pro has a 16.1-inch large screen, it is not much different from the 15.6-inch MagicBook 15.

MagicBook Pro has an advantage in several aspects. The CPU performance of it is the best in this series. It has the best screen quality and the most complete interface and functions. If you put aside the size, MagicBook Pro is definitely the most worthwhile model in HONOR series. Of course, the starting price is  the highest. The HONOR MagicBook Pro price is around 899 pounds.

This question is relatively simple. If your budget is sufficient, it is recommended to purchase the 16.1-inch MagicBook Pro. It can surpass the MagicBook 15 in all aspects.

The difference between Windows version and Linux version.

Many users are not very clear about the difference between the two versions. In fact, it is very simple to tell the difference between operating systems.  Everyone knows Windows. It is an operating system from Microsoft. Linux is an operating system, which is relatively small or professional, with few people and poor software compatibility.

If you want to buy a Windows version, then you need to spend a little more money and can use it after you buy it home. If you buy the Linux version, it will be cheaper, and the others are no different from the Window version. You can choose to continue using Linux or install a Windows 10 operating system yourself.

Generally speaking, HONOR MagicBook Pro sells well. Its memory, hard disk, heat dissipation, performance and workmanship are invincible at the same price. If you are going to buy a laptop, you may as well try the HONOR laptop.

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