Isolating Percussion Instruments

On stage or perhaps in a studio room drums have a tendency to overwhelm every other instrument. The natural nature of percussion instruments creates loud and effective sounds that simply drown out guitars, keyboards, brass instruments and vocalists. Some drummers have attempted electronic drums, or V-drums, but have started to discover the artificial seem too mechanical for his or her liking. To resolve tricky recoding and live show drum issues think about using top quality seem baffles and drum shield enclosures to keep natural seem of real drums while tempering the amount so other instruments could be heard clearly.

There are many methods to isolate a drum package but possibly the very best would be to develop a drum enclosure system. Using superior acrylic and Plexiglas panels that offer acoustic separation between your drums along with other instruments on stage or perhaps in a studio room, you reduce drum bleed into vocal or instrument microphones minimizing happens volume so everybody can hear themselves better and therefore play better. Drum enclosure panels are often made form ¼” thick acrylic and are available in sizes and configurations from 2′ to five.5′ tall. There are also special extenders where you can produce a taller enclosure for bigger drum kits and percussion ensembles.

A different way to isolate drum and percussion instruments is by using Plexiglas drum cage enclosures with SORBER seem baffles. Produced from 1.5″ thick fiberglass encased in heavy trunk cloth, SORBER baffles easily and effectively contains seem and control glare. Studio engineers frequently will develop a drum enclosure with SORBER seem baffles at the base from the acrylic panels to produce a standard line isolation barrier that tempers the seem of bass drums, cymbals and snare drums therefore the percussive beats don’t hinder guitarists and singers.

For big drum kits, or percussion set ups which are elevated on the platform, you should use height extender panels to effectively enclose the reverberation and reflection being created through the drums. Available in assorted sizes you are able to ad between 12″ to 18″ of height to plain drum shield panels. Height extender panels frequently include “H” funnel and hinge so that you can easily attach the extenders to existing drum enclosure panels and easily fold lower the enclosure for touring.

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