Heading Your Remote Team Back to the Office by the End of 2020? Here’s How Workpuls Can Help

All of us would agree on the fact that remote working just came to all of us overnight with a bang. People had to rush homes with their office desktops being delivered home. Many amongst us who already have laptops had to install the office systems, get connectivity to the office network and lan system. Too many things.  Workpuls has actually made it easier to work efficiently without any major loss of man hours. Anyone new to this may want to start free trial and check out for themselves why it is imperative to install it.

Times have been challenging and we cannot deny that for sure. From tracking attendance to time to managing the projects, measure productivity, a good monitoring software is truly like a manager and saving grace for many corporates.

Many companies thought it imperative and necessary to turn towards monitoring software that would be a great way to bridge the gap between the teams and the employer.  Let us not establish clarity on why it is of essence to go in for these software and not necessary rely on over the shoulder managers to keep an eye on the employees. Firstly, the plus points include monitoring the productivity irrespective of the location of the employees.

In an office set up, the manager would be able to keep a check on whether people are taking breaks, chatting and whiling away their time. With working from home, it is definitely not possible for anyone to know what the employee is browsing on their computers.  The software will be able to provide the insights with regards to how employees are effectively using their time and the time they spend on various app, client calls, browsing websites and so on.

Accurate clock in data

Many companies use the clock to key in the timings when the employees check in and check out. There are swipe cards provided at the gates of the companies and the time gets recorded which is an indicator of the time the employee has been in the office premises.

When working in an office, there may be the own set of distractions from phone calls on the other table, discussing client reviews loudly, chatting of employees when they come back to work after a holiday and so on.    Building a close team makes it easier not only for improving the office morale but employees also feel great about their jobs. Minor distractions are manageable.

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