What is Content Marketing And Why Is It Important For Your Business

The marketing industry has changed quite a lot in recent years, with businesses and organizations swiftly moving from traditional media to online platforms to promote their business. That is not to say that conventional means of marketing are overlooked, but they certainly not as popular. 

According to Statista, since 2015, businesses and marketers have reduced their budgets for traditional marketing means and opted for digital or online marketing. With the rising demand for innovative marketing campaigns, content marketing soon rose to the occasion. 

As a business owner, if you’re hoping to promote your products and services to a younger and broader audience, you need to ask yourself, “is content marketing going to work for my business? Is it important?” The answer is an undoubted YES! 

Content marketing is a viable part of digital marketing. It leads to increased traffic for your website; with more and more people visiting and clicking your website, you’re more likely to generate leads and increase your sales and revenues. 

Before we get into why content marketing is vital for your business and its growth, we need to focus on what content marketing is. 

In this blog, we’ll break down the basic concept of content marketing as well as its many benefits. 

What is content marketing?

As mentioned earlier, content marketing is a branch of digital marketing that focuses on increasing website traffic and sales, and profits. It allows businesses and marketers to create awareness about the brand’s products and services through strategized content that in turn generates quality leads and sustains sales growth. 

Traditional marketing is all about telling the audience about how good your business is, content marketing takes it a step further. It shows the audience how good your brand and business are. 

The key to good content marketings is strategized and well-executed quality content that grabs the audience’s attention and turns them into an informed and loyal customers. You can’t just put random articles, infographics and blogs on your website; it has to be credible and provide information and value to the viewers and readers. 

Blogs on your website are also a great way to drive increased traffic to your website, and that is what SEO and social media marketing are all about. But you need to be careful about the content you put out there; high-quality content brings more value to your audience and business. 

Your audience is more likely to trust you and engage with your business. And the more time your audience spends on your website, going through your content, they’re more likely to become prospective or, even better, a loyal customer. 

But how and why is content marketing important for your business? Here are some of its many advantages.

Content is the core of every digital marketing strategy

Content marketing is the hub when you’re looking to find something that supports and connects your digital marketing strategies. Your blog content can be used for email marketing, increasing engagement on social media and generate ads. 

For content marketing, you don’t just have to stick to words and articles to grab the audience’s attention; video productions, infographics can also help you achieve your marketing goals and sales revenue targets

To get your audience to stick around, you’ll also have to work on your website. The site’s quality will impact the audience’s customer experience and determine whether they’ll sign up for some deals or close the tab. 

You can also run nurturing campaigns and develop engaging and valuable email content that can encourage readers to interact with your brand. Pieces that have helped nurture leads and create loyal customers can then be re-used in different formats for social media and blogs. 

Consistency leads to a positive return on investment (ROI)

Content marketing not only generates more visitors and leads for your website, but it has also substantially preceded traditional marketing in every way possible. 

If you’re consistent with content production, your business and website will soon see a boost in traffic, leading to more conversions. Conversions are the foundation for funnelling sales. Whatever effort, time and money you invest in keeping your content quality up will come right back to you in the form of clients and increased profit margins. 

Content marketing is cheaper than other marketing mediums

With how much profit and sales revenue it brings, content marketing is more affordable and relatively cost-effective in comparison to traditional marketing or other means. 

Small, medium to large businesses can all enjoy the same benefits and effectiveness on a much smaller budget. You can hire a production agency to do the work for you or invest your time and energy and save yourself a few bucks. 

Hiring a professional branding media agency to help you out might seem like an unnecessary cost, but the professionals’ work and quality are unparalleled. Your lack of experience, knowledge and skills might severely hinder your performance and, in turn, affect your marketing strategy, business and growth. 

So the question is, is saving a few bucks worth losing your business?

Allows you to build a trusting relationship with your customers

When you provide your readers or audiences with quality content without outrageous claims and promises that your products and services can’t fulfil, you’re creating a more trusting relationship with your customers. 

Keeping the quality of your content consistent and valuable allows your brand and business to establish a more positive identity and reputation, giving you a competitive edge over your rivals.

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Susan B. is a marketer working with large corporations to help them with their digital and content marketing strategies. She’s work with Peace Entertainment, Inc. in the past and now uses her knowledge and skills to help other businesses and brands. 

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