3 Facebook Marketing Tips That Apply To Any Business

Okay, you already know how important it is to invest in Facebook marketing. Now, check out some practical tips on marketing strategies to increase engagement, promote the brand, and raise the target audience’s attention on the social network.

1. Create A Fan Page And Not A Profile

Personal profiles can even be interesting, but they have several limitations when we talk at a professional level, especially for users.  The personal profile allows a maximum of 5,000 friends. If for a person this seems a lot, for a company it is a small number.

If this information wasn’t enough to convince you to turn your profile into a Fan Page, know that a professional page allows you to boost posts, create Dark Posts, have multiple administrators, use external post scheduling tools, and access Facebook Insights. Everything a brand needs to act strategically and evolve on the social network!

2. Give The Audience What They Want: Relevant Posts

On Facebook, as on all social networks, there is a frantic battle for public attention. Thousands of companies, brands, and content creators fight day and night to have a large and engaged audience. And, one of the ways to make this happen is to publish content that is valuable and relevant to the audience.  Without that, the page’s audience can start to drop, and the audience can gradually migrate to a competitor’s page that is posting quality content.

To avoid this, posting posts that generate engagement is essential. There is no way to market this social network without paying attention to it. That’s what is done on the promo-republic.

3. Interact As An Audience In Real-Time

The lives are an excellent way to contribute to the increase of the organic reach of a Facebook page. In addition, live broadcasts generate rapprochement with the public; it is not that they have become a trend on the social network!

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