Why your content is more important than you think for SEO

Every time you hear about SEO, you hear about link buildings, guest postings and stuffs like that. Most of the people believe that creating lots of backlinks is the only good way to get traffic and rank your website higher. These types of people just keep stuffing keywords in their content and focus on creating PBN (private blog networks). These things may give a temporary boost to your rankings but let you down in the long run.

What is a much better option?

All you need is good content if you really want to rank higher and stay on the top spot for long. Google wants to give the best results to people. Pages that deserve to be on the first page stay on the first page. If you could provide people with the best content out there, you will get the number one spot. That’s why you must focus on your content more.

How Google determine which page to rank high

There are about 200 factors that Google look at while ranking a page. But one of the most important factors among them is dwell time. Dwell time is the amount of time people spend viewing your page after clicking on your link. If people leave your pages quickly, your ranking will drop. If people stay on your page for long, your ranking will increase.

How to make people stay longer on your page

You must focus on your content if you want people to spend more time on your webpage.

  • Your content must provide value to people or give them new information.
  • Your content must not sound robotic. Write as you talk.
  • Increase readability of your content.

Take experts help if required

If you are serious about growing your business and find the information hard to understand, hire an expert. If you are looking for an expert in digital marketing thailand has lot to offer. Find the one most suitable for you.

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