What Is Corporate Wi-Fi?

Corporate Wi-Fi is how we refer to the wireless networks used by companies. Usually made up of a standard fiber optic link and a dedicated link, these networks have greater bandwidth than domestic networks and differentiated latency and availability times to ensure that your company’s operations will not be interrupted.

How Does Corporate Wi-Fi Influence Business?

There are several advantages to an excellent corporate Wi-Fi link. The feature works as a differentiator for your company, helping to increase productivity and collaboration between teams.

Productivity And Collaboration

You never collaborated as much as you do today. Cloud applications, created to allow simultaneous editing of files and constant contact between employees, depend on a good internet connection to work. If your company plans to make use of them to increase productivity and integration between teams, one good corporate Wi-Fi is essential.

Customer Satisfaction

Corporate Wi-Fi which can be set by Wifi directly influences customer satisfaction. Your company will not serve its consumers well if it is not connected to them and the systems it uses, such as ERP and CRM.

Suppose your customers have access to corporate Wi-Fi. In that case, this is yet another reason to invest in technology, ensuring that the use of networks will be uniform and will offer a good experience for your visitor.

Employee Satisfaction

Unmotivated workers are the main reason why companies fail. A good Wi-Fi makes all the difference in how day-to-day tasks unfold. To invest in the resource is to guarantee more satisfaction and better results for its employees.

Why Is Corporate Wi-Fi Different From Home Wi-Fi?

Corporate Wi-Fi meets a different demand than domestic Wi-Fi and therefore operates differently. In addition to offering higher bandwidths, providers also configure different access points for companies, such as dedicated links, to meet the demand of these businesses due to low downtime.

To identify an excellent corporate Wi-Fi provider and ensure the success of your networks, the tips below will guide you

  • Identify the company’s need and compare it with the offer from local providers;
  • test the networks offered by the partner to ensure that they will be compatible with your demand;
  • evaluate the business communication infrastructure, including the use of VoIP services to define whether there is a need for a dedicated link;
  • plan the installation to ensure that it will live up to your expectations;
  • hire a network consultant to help you with the configuration of corporate wireless networks.

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