Introduction to the third and fourth industrial revolution:

Third Revolution when computers and networks were actually introduced it has completely turned the tables. Now if we talk about industrial revolution 4.0 that is also known as artificial intelligence where the computer can communicate and make decisions without any involvement of a human. Computer technology can behave like a human and can make serious decisions that allow us to move one step ahead. The question arises how does it possible? All thanks to the technological advancement and the unbelievable combination of Internet and Network Technology has made industry 4.0 possible. Industry 4.0 is also known as a smart factory or Digital factory where Technology will take over humans. Nowadays every industry, every factory, and every sector is getting so much digitalize. That they are using smart machines and even these machines are getting smarter day by day. More use of data has made factory produce efficiently and productively.

How industrial revolution 4.0 is beneficial: 

On the other hand, there is still much organization that does not believe in Industrial Revolution 4.0 and still confused about its benefit and impact on their business. Might many possible industries are struggling to find out and adopt this new knowledge of industry 4.0. In order to improve their business in the future, the use of Smart machines is essential. Before that few of the components should also be taken into account. For example how to know your opportunities. All thanks to smart machines that now we can analyze and organize a heavy volume of data in less time as compared to a human. Industry 4.0 providing an advantage to manufactures to operate the production more quickly and efficiently.

What is mean by the industrial internet of things? 

Many industries are now using iiot which stands for the industrial internet of things. It deals with data including collection exchange and analyzing that results in increased productivity and efficiency of the manufacturing sector

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