How To Choose My UPS

The UPS market is full of information that leads customers to what is not important; there are box sellers who do not advise customers when they see their requirements, so we want to share the following article to help you make the right decision for your investment.

Why Should You Use A UPS

The purpose of a UPS for office (ups สำนักงาน which is the term in Thai) is to provide a power source to your company’s electronic equipment so that the energy remains stable and continuous voltage regardless of the disturbances that may exist in the commercial network. Remember, it is a life insurance for your equipment (servers, computers, PLCs, medical equipment, large format printers, etc.).

The main disturbances that can affect are:

The quality of the power supply, causing low or high voltages, irregularities in frequency, or “dirt.”

The power supply stability that, when irregular, can cause voltage dips or even power outages.

Therefore, we can tell you that the best quality of technology in UPS is that of Online technology, in which all the energy that arrives to the loads comes from the UPS and not from the commercial network directly and before power outage equipment will never stop receiving electricity.

Requirements For A Reliable UPS System

Many different versions of UPS true online are available in the market, so it is important to get advice from specialists to support you in choosing the right system for your needs depending on the equipment you wish to protect.

  • The electrical protection equipment must be in a dust-free place and at an ambient temperature below 25 ° C
  • Every electrical protection system must have an isolation transformer at the UPS output to
  • Prevent damage caused by transients, provide isolation of the input and output of the UPS, thereby preventing damage to the equipment connected to the system
  • The transformer sets the neutral reference to the earth, thus preventing the electric current from causing damage to the equipment

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