7 Intriguing Disruptive Technologies That You Should Know About


Over the years, several amazing technologies have made their way to the market and all of them have reshaped our lives beyond our wildest imaginations. They have impacted our personal and professional lives, changing the way we communicate, procure, and even think.

There are some technologies that have dramatically revolutionized our personal, professional and, social lives. These are referred to as disruptive technologies that we are here to talk about today. Let’s discuss the most promising disruptive technologies and how they can change our lives for the better. 

What is Disruptive Technology?

Disruptive technology refers to those changes in technology that redefine the way humans interact, conduct business, and function as a society as a whole. They often lead to the creation of completely new industries, which further leads to new technologies, job creation and improved economy. They come with their unique benefits and challenges as well. Here are a few disruptive technologies. 

Artificial Intelligence

We all have seen The Terminator and how machines threaten the human race and attempt to take over the world. What was once a concept in the movies has the potential to become our reality. AI enables humans to develop complex robots that can  think, act and feel like humans.

While the perfect human replacement has yet to arrive, AI has still managed to come up with exceptional contributions in healthcare, military, education, and several other industries in hopes of achieving the final goal.

3D Printing

3D printing is the process of printing physical objects from a seemingly simple machine. The technology has enabled humans to print customized tools, prosthetic limbs, and even full-sized homes for living.

With time, 3D printers have become smaller and cheaper, creating the possibility for everyday Joe to keep a 3D printer inside his home. This technology has not only opened roads for better entertainment and utility, but also helped industries come up with cheaper and more reliable resources built in-house.

VR/AR Reality

The terms Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality feel like they belong to the future. They have created limitless possibilities in entertainment, healthcare, automation, and research. These technologies work together to provide a digital environment for users, where they can merge their physical realities with digital, just like the Pokémon GO app. It allows industry professionals to conjure virtual models out of thin air to better understand and develop future technologies.


Blockchain falls under the category of distributed ledger technology that relies on complex software to perform and record transactions with anonymity and security. The most famous example of this technology is Bitcoin, a virtual currency that has the potential to completely overtake traditional cash and card currency formats. Moving forward, the technology can potentially reshape payment models, supply chains mechanisms, and cybersecurity processes


Fifth-generation or 5G technology is the next evolutionary phase of the prevailing 4G cellular technology. As compared to its predecessor, the technology is supposed to be 100 times faster and can handle tremendous amounts of data with negligible risk of data compromise.

The technology will allow you to upload and download Gigabits’ worth of data in mere minutes. 5G has the potential to completely change the way we live. With 5G internet of things and autonomous cars will become more common than we can ever imagine. 

Internet of Things

5G is also high in demand since we are surrounded by connected smart devices everywhere. Smart technology has made its way into our lives and it is here to stay. Thanks to the Internet of Things, you can order your coffee right from your smartphone and lock and unlock your doors without moving from your couch.

IoT will only grow further from here on and connect more devices. We can already see so many of our appliances have become smart, such as virtual assistants, smart lights, self-driven cars, and much more. If you are up for such luxuries, make sure you have a high-speed internet connection to back it up such as Spectrum internet. Make sure to log on to BuyTVInternetPhone for amazing plans by this provider and numerous others as well.


Robotics is the industry that has introduced us to automated assembly lines, prosthetic limbs, and robotic dogs. This technology has enabled us to improve our lives significantly by increasing the level of efficiency and reducing costs in several areas.

We are looking at a future where they might be sales robots instead of salespeople and machines replacing various human jobs. This autonomy in human evolution is something that may not be reversible ever again.

The Bottom Line

We cannot guarantee what the actual future will look like, but we can make assumptions based on the current track of evolution and the possibilities it has introduced into our lives. And trust us, when we say that these technologies are only going to evolve more with time.

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