5 Guidelines for enhancing cybersecurity beyond basic steps!

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Cybersecurity is shared interest for all organizations. Businesses have no choice but to invest in a proactive plan, so that hacking attempts and cyberattacks can be prevented. The consequences of a security breach extend beyond financial losses, and it would be surprising for many consumers to know that a bunch of data breaches and security concerns are not even reported. As an enterprise, your goal should be about enhancing cybersecurity, and we have a few basic guidelines for help. 

Identify your network assets and possible vulnerabilities 

Network assets don’t just refer to intranets, servers, and devices. It also includes video surveillance systems that are typically connected to a network. Hackers and cybercriminals do not use one singular means to attack businesses, and therefore, the foremost step is to identify the network assets, especially the ones that are more likely to be attacked. 

Train your employees

The top management may have to take the charge & liability in case of a security breach, but when it comes to causing a breach, frontline employees are often to blame. It is necessary for every organization to conduct cybersecurity training at the workplace. Let your people know about social engineering attacks, phishing, malware attacks, and how to create strong passwords and follow safe browsing practices. Your employees would be eventually handling IT and network resources, and they need to be aware of their work and consequences of an incident. 

Establish an incident response plan

Many companies fail to discuss the need for an incident response plan, and eventually, in case of a breach, things are hard to manage. Encourage your employees to share details, report incidents, regardless of how small it may seem. Also, have a clear code of conduct following an incident, so that people can be held responsible for their actions, if they fail to do the expected. 

Network testing is critical

Even the most secure IT frameworks and networks are prone to attacks, and therefore, scanning and testing all systems on a regular basis are necessary steps. You can have an in-house team for network penetration testing, or can choose managed services, based on what fits you budget. 

Pay for cyber insurance

The purpose of cyber insurance is to pay for selected losses, in case of a breach. There are complicated terms and conditions to cyber insurance, and only certain kind of losses will be covered. Do your homework, but pay for cyber insurance, because you never know when your organization is under a cyberattack. 

Plan cybersecurity early to stay protected!

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