Supporting and Promoting Your Book With Giveaways

Consumers want freebies nowadays. Authors are answering this demand with free print books, free ebooks, free electronic newsletters, along with other products. My latest book is within production now and I have been considering methods to advertise it.

Free bookmarks are among the first ideas that spring to mind. Card board bookmarks aren’t as durable as plastic or laminated ones. Though plastic book marking is “top quality” they’re costly and you’ll be unable to afford them. I understand I can not.

A totally free plastic wallet card is yet another idea. It might be how big a card and also have rounded corners. The leading from the card would contain information which extends it. The rear of the credit card would tell how to obtain it and supply author contact details. A lot of companies advertise plastic business card printing on the web and the costs vary broadly. Two colors are less costly than color. Straight corners are less costly than die stamped corners.

Posters are also try this. The great advantage of a poster is it gives the time to show your book cover. Small posters, eight . 5 inches by 11 inches, are less costly than legal size. You can create your own poster and photocopy yourself to it. Work supply stores within my city frequently run photocopy specials and that i watch out for them. I have become photocopies for 25 cents each.

Adding extras aimed at your website can also be a concept. Readers are not just searching for author information, they’re searching free of charge stuff and links. This site ha three links to archived radio programs I had been on, for instance. I simply added your blog tab to this site and compensated a specialist big dollars to get it done. Visitors also appreciate free checklists and handouts.

Cost will settle if or otherwise I’ve giveaways. I researched plastic business card printing on the web, requested to have an estimate, also it made an appearance on my small screen within minutes. Some time later I received a phone call from the salesman. Although it was nice to speak to an active person, her job would be to sell, and I needed to be blunt. “That’s money,” I stated. “Thanks.”

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