Solar glasses can generate electricity

Solar glasses can generate electricity
solar-lens-sunglasses-(courtsey of newatlas)

Scientists have successfully tested a solar lens that may be used to generate electricity. Developing countries need energy for their diversified projects and solar glasses can generate electricity at very cheap price. The experts from German Institute have successfully made sunglasses that may generate electricity in an amount that may charge a mobile phone. Experts in the area have appreciated this innovation as they have expected to have tens of benefits.

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Using this technology, such window panes can be made that may work as organic solar cells. Solar panels are lightweight and can be made in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Solar cells made up of silicon are usually tough and rigid. Solar glasses can also work inside the house without sun. In the house, each glass lens may generate up to 200 micro watts which can be used to keep on small electronic devices. This solar lens weighs just 6 gram and 1.6 millimeters in length. It means normal sun glasses have the same weight. Experts believe that organic solar lens is unique as they are lightweight, flexible and may also be molded into different sizes and shapes.

If this project will be successful on the commercial basis, then new building styles may be developed to generate electricity through embedding such solar lens.

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