Reliance Free Smartphone at Rs 0 Cost


Reliance Free Smartphone at Rs 0 Cost

4G Smartphone for Free

One of the biggest business telecom tycoon Reliance has offered the free smartphone in the biggest Indian market. According to the media reports, Mukesh Ambani has announced this free offer in the general meeting of his company. This announcement of the free offer has put the stone in the stagnant water. It will deeply affect the smartphone industry in the country. It will provide new dimensions to the open price market in the Indian telecom sector of the 4G networks. Reliance free smartphone at Rs 0 cost is really great offer.

“made in India for Indian users” Ambani said

Initial the contract will be signed by the customer paying just Rs. 1500 to get a licensed 4G mobile phone for a 3-year contract. This amount will be returned after the contract will be finished depending upon the type of deal. Mr. Imbani has added his comment and said that the new offer is in accordance with the previous JioPhone service and this service has already made his goodwill in the local market. The JioPhone will always have free voice calls. From August 15, the JioPhone will come with free unlimited data

Ambani’s Reliance is not the only monopoly in the country of more than billion population. It has close business competition with Bharti Airtel (Indian Airtel). Anyhow Ambani has the hope that this very offer of JioPhone will bring revolutionary changes in the lifestyle of the big community. It is expected to launch this offer in this month. The business community believes that there is a lot of potential in the local industry and it can boost not only business but also customer-end services. That is the reason that many local companies are merging to meet the future strategies.

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