Operating System and its types


What  is Operating System:


An operating system or OS is software that allows computer hardware to communicate and operate with computer software. Computer programs and software will be useless without a computer operating system.

This image is an example of Microsoft Windows EXP, a popular (OS), and if you visit a local retail store to buy it, what this box looks like.
When you first introduce a computer, the user interacts with it using the CLI, which requires a command. Today, almost every computer uses a graphical user interface (GUI), which is much easier to use and operate.

Example of a computer operating system

Microsoft Windows 10-PC and IBM compatible operating system. Microsoft Windows is the most commonly used and most commonly used operating system. Today, the only example of Apple’s (OS)
Laptops, tablets, and desktops run operating systems that you may have heard of.


Some examples Which include Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows EXP, and Apple Mac OS (formerly OS X), OS, Chrome OS, BlackBerry Tablet PC operating system and the taste of Linux in the system. open source exploitation.

However, Your smartphone also runs an (OS) that may be Apple’s system or Google’s Android system. Both are last names, but you can not realize that they are the operating systems used on these devices.

Whenever, Servers like those who host your website or service videos, you see, typically run specialized operating systems, design and optimization of special software management needed to get them to do what they do .


Some example include Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD servers.

Software and Operating System

However,Most software programs are designed specifically for the (OS) of a company, just like Windows (Microsoft) or Mac OS (Apple).
Software will clearly explain which (OS) it supports and, if necessary, obtain very specific operations

For example

, a video production software may say that it supports Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7, but does not support older versions of Windows such as Windows Vista and XP.

Software developers

Software developers also typically publish other versions of software that are used with other operating systems.

Back to the example of a video production program, the company can also publish another version of the program with exactly the same functionality, but only for Mac OS.

therefore, It is also important to know if your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit. You will be asked a common question when downloading software. If you need help, see how to tell if you have Windows 64-bit or 32-bit.
Also,Special types of software called virtual machines can actually mimic “real” computers and run different OS from them. What is a virtual machine? More about it.

Operating System (OS) Function:

• Employee life cycle
• Map reduction
• Corporate culture model
• Social map
• I’m on Fiber Channel (i on FC) or FC Nevada i standard
• Intrusion detection system (IDS)
· LED (Linux Container Management Program)
• Time series diagrams
· Amber Park
• Thousand years old (Y generation)
• Server
• Booty box
• Google Payment
• Facial Recognition
• Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS)
• Super convergence
• Data preparation
• Prime numbers
• Security Information and Event Management (Si em Reap)
• My fabric (my Nevada)

operating system (OS) program:

The operating system (OS) is a program that manages all other programs on the computer after it is initially loaded by the boot program into the computer. Also, other programs are called applications or applications.

However,Applications use the operating system by requesting services through defined application interfaces (APIs).

In addition, users can interact directly with the operating system through a user interface, such as a command line or graphical user interface (GUI).
whenever, the operating system runs the following services for the application.

Multitasking OS
However, multitasking OS, multiple programs can run at the same time, the operating system decides which applications should run in which order, how long each application should allow, and then turn to another one.


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