Online Education


Online Education

Online Education is not defined as an approach to teaching and learning, which uses an educational framework and collaborate to communicate Internet technologies.
Online education is a system of the palace to within your network.
It can be said, simply put online training is just a sort of “from a distance“. Therefore Distance learning has a long history and there are more species available there including:
  • Is done through email with little interaction.
  • Over the radio or TV broadcast content.However, the student works with static content (CDs and DVDs) on your computer.
  • Mobile life: the use of devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and digital audio player(iPod, MP3 player).
 Online Education

 Distance Learning

Higher education distance learning articles are published at the end of 1980, Maeroff finds mention of e-learning programs. In 1989, the distance training consists of a thorough “programs, by correspondence and public TV with some published. An independent study, So some tools tutorial video videos and audio recorders.” later, a national center for Education Statistics ( 2007) found that 90% of two years and 89% four-year public institutions offer in certain types of Web topics in 2000-2001.
After some time, with a very desired rapid growth in online teaching and learning method is there is no difference. approach In addition to, many believe that poor education and shortchanges students (2002).So dispute has led to a number of studies and reviews of the city.


What is the purpose of e-learning?

Online Education training of any kind is done through computerized devices. E-learning is the main point on the Internet.So You can also be established with the CD-ROM’S and DVD’s, streaming audio or video clips, and other media. The purpose of the e-learning is to enable people to get to know personally enhancement. Help us earn professional qualifications not physically attend university or specific academic programs the.So You can access learning for all levels of education from the school of graduate studies. It is versatile enough for effective learning styles.
Students on the network from all over the nation. Online training is not the distance. In fact, the students do more for his courses as a network with their peers. Not only can your friends. Online education programs with fewer Chargers, compared to traditional schools.So  This is especially true if you are a student, an error or has a lot of transfer of credits.
Finally, A lot of online education programs allow students to work at their own pace. Some students are not interested in speed, of coursetraditional with the rest of the students. With materials which do not have time to grasp.So If your work at your own pace is important to you, look for Web apps that offer flexible start and end dates. Online education allows you to continue your career with a degree. It remains important in this area should retain its special position. But they had to continue schooling to go farther. Online education saves us both hardness

What are positive diensions?

  1. For online distance learning is to be more popular?
  2. This type of education is to refer your students:
  3. Can not participate in the traditional classroom setting.
  4. Can’t find a particular class to the selected institution.
  5. Living in remote locations.
  6. Working a full-time job and can only study at or after work.
  7. Who prefer to study alone.

How eLearning is beneficial?

  • Studies have shown a greater depth of understanding
  • However, The development of writing skills, technology skills, time management.
  • Student-teacher and student-student interaction and discussion.
  • therefore, a variety of learning activities address different learning styles
  • Translation, courses in the field, as well as
  • This is the time to study students work better.
  • The ability to record and recording of Web interactions.
  • The ability to manage online.

Online Education

In short

The agreed statement confirmed that online training is a type of educational method, which breaks and in spite of the problems, “will contribute to the progress of the scholarship of teaching and learning” a statement that shows a lot of promise about what online education can be achieved in the future. So It is assumed that each person wishing to get high education should be able to get items that so easily online.


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