Copycat Android Malware


Copycat Android Malware

Do not confuse with Copycat 1995 American thriller movie, CopyCat android malware has affected some 14 million devices worldwide. The hackers have targeted to get approximately $1.5 million in fake ad revenues in two months. CopyCat is a multifunctional malware with vast capabilities such as rooting devices, establishing persistency, and injecting code into Zygote that allows the malware to control any activity on the device.

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In reply, Google has triggered its initiatives to secure its Android OS through various means. In fact, none software is 100% flawless so some bugs in the Android platform may be explored and exploited. A security company has warned about new malware CopyCat that has affected millions of devices last year out of them nearly 8 million devices have lost control over rooting features.

The basic aim of Copycat is to earn money through unauthorized ads through installing an application.The functioning of Copycat is hidden and it is very difficult to diagnose the disease. Potentially this malware works underground leaving no clue for the security professionals. Normally Android App Store does not contain virus or malware. But Copycat was injected into some other third party famous apps. The carrier application does not know about Copycat. That is why nobody can find Copycat and it really worked for the last year and many cases came from the Asian countries.

Functioning of Copycat

If Copycat successfully roots a device (zygote), then it injects code into the affected device. Then Copycat installs application silently. The zygote is a process responsible to launch an application. In this way, hackers may get illegal referral links for advertisement. they can hijack other advertisements. Check Point has diagnosed Copycat successfully and the security company has thought that Copycat has helped hackers to get up to $1.5 million.

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