Bitcoin has touched biggest exchange value


Bitcoin has touched biggest exchange value

Bitcoin Exchange Value

The digital crypto-currency Bitcoin has touched biggest boom bypassing capital market. Recently Bitcoin has to face Hard Fork. It was due to the fact that its block chain size has been increased so as transactions were taking time. So there appeared another virtual currency named as Bitcoin Cash. Let us see how Bitcoin has touched biggest exchange value in the history.

Bitcoin Digital Currency at the highest level in the history

Current Price Bitcoin

It was expected that Bitcoin would like to drop but this virtual currency continued to grow tremendously and touched the record price of $3398 so far. In the previous May 207, its value was just $443 which is far low at the moment. So this sudden jump in one year is really wonderful. You would need to have a credit card or any e-payment method to buy Bitcoin. Majority of the giant tech companies accept Bitcoin.

How it works

For trading in Bitcoin, a user should have Bitcoin Wallet account and this account can be created through downloading through Bitcoin Wallet app. There are some other websites that provide access to the Wallet. However, some experts have the view that it is not secure to keep your currency online as all digital currency may go in the air if the website is hacked. As Bitcoin is above from legal boundings so you may not claim for your loss.

Countries using Bitcoin

It is really a great milestone for the Bitcoin and it is truly considered as Digital Gold. Inspite of all other traditional currencies, Bitcoin is totally independent of any such regulations and governmental control. Bitcoin can easily be purchased online by anyone in the world and currently, this virtual currency is being used in China, America, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mexico, and many other countries. There are only a few countries that do not provide legal status to the Bitcoin and these countries are Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador, Bolivia, Saudia Arabia and Bangladesh.

Bitcoin may help to catch culprits

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