You may login Windows 10 through your face


You may login Windows 10 through your face

ComputingCage comes with a useful tip that you may login Windows 10 with your face using Windows Hello. Authenticating using password is normal practice. Windows has introduced new innovative methods to login into Windows. These methods include PIN code, fingerprint and face recognition. If you have fingerprint reader then Windows 10 supports this feature. Another excellent feature provided by Windows 10 is called Windows Hello. This can be used to login through face recognition. Forgetting password is normal practice, so face recognition may work well. So you may login Windows 10 through your face using Windows Hello.

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Windows Hello When Needed

Windows Hello is needed for this purpose when multiple users would be using same machine. Every user may login through this method. Active director needs unique password for every user and if you are maintaining big network of hundreds of people then face recognition will lessen your network admin work. You do not need to reset your password anymore.

Face recognition method is highly efficient and whenever a recognized or scanned face comes into range, it automatically recognizes and logins the system.

How to activate or use this features. In order to activate Windows 10 Hello feature, you would need to go Start Menu -> Settings -> Accounts -> Sign In Options and you may set Windows Hello. You may also know whether you system supports this feature. It also provides list of device supporting that feature. Web camera is basic need to activate this feature.

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