World’s Slimmest Laptop – HP Spectre 13


World’s Thinnest Laptop

HP Spectre 13 Ultra Thin - ComputingCage
HP Spectre 13 Ultra Thin - ComputingCage

Famous company HP has introduced new ultra-book laptop named Spectre 13 which is thought to be the world’s slimmest laptop. In view of HP, new Spector is not only has very elegant design but also rich with features. The only problem is that it is not made for middle income people. It is basically made for those people who not only believe in beauty as well as sleekness in design. Its introductory price starts from $1169. The known dimension for ultra-book range from 11.98mm to13mm.

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Comparison with Competitors

ASUS ZenBook UX305 (12mm)

ASUS has also launched world’s thinnest laptop 13.3” with 12mm weighs just 1.2kg last year. Another important feature of ZenBook was diamond-cut highlights on economical price tag of $750.

HP Spectre 13 Ultra Thin Shap - ComputingCage
HP Spectre 13 Ultra Thin Shap - ComputingCage

ModelDimensionPricePerformanceWeight (kg)
ASUS ZenBook UX30512mm$750A1.20
Apple MacBook Pro 1312.75mm$1300A-1.57
Acer Aspire S712.70mm$550A-1.30
HP Spectre 1310mm$1169A1.10
Dell XPS 1311.98$999A+1.31

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Apple MacBook Pro 13 (12.75mm)

Apple’s MacBook is also one of thinnest notebooks with dimension 12.75mm with good performance but very high price $1300.

Acer Aspire S7 (12.70mm)

Acer is famous for its flagship of smart laptops and Acer Aspire S7 has remarkable performance in affordable range of $550. This smart notebook is more light weight than Apple’s MacBook Pro 13 and high usability but comparatively less battery time.

Dell XPS 13(11.98mm)

Dell XPS 13 is also included in the series of lightest and thinnest laptops with weight just 1.3KG with comparatively very good usability and graphics performance.

HP Spectre 13 is Unique (10.4mm)

. Despite of slimness and light weight, it has all state of the art features like a big normal laptop could have. It has been introduced with two colors and will be sending to the market till the end of this April.

HP Spectre 13 Ultra Thin Fans - ComputingCage
HP Spectre 13 Ultra Thin Fans - ComputingCage

The World’s Slimmest Laptop

High price shows this laptop as luxury machine yet it is world’s thinnest laptop 10.4 mm thick having metal plat surface which is actually aluminum and carbon fiber. Even 14” MAC book is 14 mm thick. You may not consider it huge difference but yet its world’s slimmest laptop. You may preorder this machine as it will be released at the end of April 2016. It is slightly heavier than world’s lightest laptop Lenovo LaVie.

HP Spectre 13 Word's Thinnest - ComputingCage
HP Spectre 13 Word's Thinnest - ComputingCage

Technical Features

ProcessorCore i5 and i7
Cache3MB L3
Thickness10.4 mm
Weight2.45 pound or 1.1 kg
Display1920 * 1080 full HD
Operating SystemWindows 10
ScreenGorilla Glass
SSD Storage512GB
Initial Price$1,169
Internal Storage256GB
Battery9.5 hours
Ports3 × Type-C
SurfaceAluminum + Carbon Fiber
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 520

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Gold Metallic Back

HP has introduced polished surface and it is precisely brilliant. It’s thinner than a MacBook. It packs an Intel Core i5-6300U or i7-6500U. Both are capable of using low-power dual-core chips, and they're paired with 8GB of RAM. They are more powerful than the Core M chips in the MacBook, and the same pattern as the Surface Pro 4.

HP Spectre 13 Diagonal - ComputingCage
HP Spectre 13 Diagonal - ComputingCage

The screen has the tendency to absorb harsh light and its elegant style makes it unique and stylish. HP Spectre 13 keeps a gold metallic back which also safeguards from shock and break. It’s a Full HD IPS panel layered in Corning Gorilla Glass. Strangely for a Windows laptop displays with a glossy finish, it isn't a touchscreen.

At the back of the Spectre 13 3 USB ports are available. The HP delegate on hand said that all three could be used for charging. The standard USB adapter will be abounding in the box. No Ethernet support available as there is any port for this.

HP presents 9 hour battery timing if Windows 10’s battery life evaluation was disabled on the Spectre 13. Pricing of the laptop is unreasonable, even though with these specs it is not actually extreme. All models will include 512GB of PCI Express-based SSD storage and 8GB of RAM. A Core i5 model will set you back £1,149, which isn’t a huge amount and should be a good deal to have powerful machine in hand.

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