World’s First Personal Computer


World’s First Personal Computer
Olivetti_Programma_101 (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

World’s First Personal Computer

Today, the desktop computers have become smaller, slimmer, faster, lighter and somehow cheaper. These qualify personal computer to be part of every office, factory, research center and business. Let us go back to the history when first personal computer was introduced. Computer history does not start from 2-3 decades, perhaps it starts from 600 BC when Chinese introduced first calculating device named ABACUS. It would be interesting to highlight some of salient features of the world's first personal computer.

Human has witnessed gradual progress till 1850’s. This evolution was triggered to boost when Professor Charles Babbage came up with Difference Engine and Analytical Engine. It was due to his sincere efforts that modern computer came into being and he was called Father of modern digital computer.
Computer evolution fostered many folds when Transistor was invented in 1947 and people witnessed fast progress in computing (Vacuum Tube -> Transistor -> ICs).

The First Personal Computer of the World

The world’s first programmable desktop computer was developed by an Italian company Olivetti in 1964. The name was given to Programma 101 and was programmed to perform basic arithmetic operations. This Programma 101 was also known as P101. Earlier versions were hard to operate while P101 was easy to operate and bit economical.

It was first portable device (late

P101-press-release (courtesy of royal pingdom)

r on provided basis for personal computer) as it was not so compact before and that’s why 40,000 units (90% of sales) were sold out in the United States.

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Technical Specs of Programma 101

Release date: 1965
Size: 1.5 feet (both sides)
Weight: 35kg
Processor: None
Memory: 240b
Memory type: Magnetic Card
Price: $23,000 (if in 2012)

World’s First Personal Computer

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