World’s First Laptop invented in 1975


World’s First Laptop invented in 1975
IBM 5100 (courtesy of Wikipedia)

World’s First Laptop

I was born in 1979 and the world’s first laptop was born four years before at 1975 (commercial portable computer).) It means my big brother (IBM 5100) if alive could be at his 40’s birthday working on BASIC. The cost was huge about $20,000 which is 20 times expensive than Apple MacBook which is 1000 times faster and had thousand times more storage. So world’s first laptop invented in 1975 and it is 31 years old now.

Things are getting smaller, slimmer, faster and lighter. Today world has witnessed very sleek laptops (up to 10mm thickness) in the market. You may see the article "World's Slimmest Laptop is Powerful Too". HP Spectre is the slimmest and lightest laptop, with 1.10 kg weight.

The first laptop of the world had CPU based on PALM (Put All Logic in Microcode) formally called micro-controller at that time. PALM provides 16-bit ALU (Arithmetic and Logic Operations).

Currently Apple MacBook 12 inch has up to 8GB RAM, 8MB LPDDR3 L3 Cache and up to 512GB Flash Storage.

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World’s First Laptop Full Features

In contrast, World’s First Laptop was IBM 5100 with following features.

Release Date: September 1975

Discontinued: 1978

Weight: 24kg

Word Size: 16-bit

Memory: 64 Kb

Storage: 204Kb (cartridge)


Price: $11,000-$20.000

Screen: CTR Technology

Screen Size:        5inch

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