Windows 10 Support for Updates


Windows 10 Support for Updates

Windows 10 Support for updates is going to end soon as announced by Microsoft. The global software giant Microsoft possesses 1.5 billion people and Office is used by 1.2 billion people. Mostly its users get worried by the frequent updates. Although Microsoft has finished automatic update features, still updates popup notifications can be seen frequently. Customers do not care about these updates as these updates take a lot of Internet bandwidth.

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Somehow, new updates have revealed the fact the Microsoft is going to end Windows 10 Support for updates. A bit similar policy was made for Windows 7 operating system. Some computer systems using 4-5 years Intel Atom Clover Trail processors could not be able to avail Windows 10 updates. These computers include Atom Z2580, Z2560, Z2520 and Z2760. These computers could face to download updates for Windows creator.

There might be possible that some computer might have blocked windows updates features due to some errors or virus. Windows Moderator suggested that the problem will be fixed soon. There might be possibilities that Microsoft will release new patches or drivers for such processors. So they have to wait for the next Windows release. They can either wait or buy a new machine with latest updates.

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