WiFi will work in the flights


WiFi will work in the flights

European Aviation Network

Norwegian airline provides limited Internet access to its customer during flight. Many airline companies are pushing new customer oriented features to attract new markets. Mostly passengers turn on Flight Mode of their hand held devices as there is no Internet facility in the airline. Many attempts have been put forward to provide WiFi facilities. Such attempts include British Inmarsat, German Lufthansa, Airlink & British Airways and other in European Aviation network. It operates ad hoc charter services, VIP flights, and inclusive-tour and sub-charter flights. Anyhow it is good news that WiFi will work in the flights soon.

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Designed specifically for high traffic flight paths and busy airport hubs, the network delivers over 50Gbps capacity, ensuring a reliable, in-the-air as on-the-ground broadband service, supporting streaming and other high bandwidth requirements.

Above five airline companies would likely to provide free Internet facilities to their passengers and related equipment will be implanted soon. The aeroplane will be having an antenna at roof which will be linked with satellite to easy access Internet. The passengers may need to connect the hotspot.

European Aviation Network is working on this project since long ago and results are about to come soon. Initially, European Commission had released two licenses. The project was expected to start in December 2016. Anyhow Inmarsat and other companies have followed slow pace to provide WiFi in the air.


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