Who is where – Google will tell


Who is where – Google will tell

People live in the modern era where technology has been developed for the welfare of mankind. People get rid of wars and are in better position to enjoy tech life. Search engine giant Google has already played the vital role in many walks of life and now this California-based company will tell who is where – Google will tell for sure. The exact location is vital for many things; people may find their friends, different stuff and children if GPS system is activated.

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Google is Tracking You

Location reporting may be beneficial as Google can track your location and whereabouts. You may also control through saved locations in the location history. People may share their location with others. Google Maps has introduced a new app that may help people to find their friends. Parents can be in close contact with their children during studies.

Distances does not matter, Google Maps is there to help you.

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How to explore

You may login to Google Maps and hit the blue sign in Location Sharing, it will open new side menu. Then go to Get Started. Now you may add locations of your friends with whom you want to share your location. Once it is finished, your current location will continuously be shared with your friends. For the first time Google will ask to set your current location through phone then it will be adjusted.

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