WhatsApp Introduces Video Calling Feature


WhatsApp Introduces Video Calling Feature
WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp introduces video calling feature recently in its new update for its users to enjoy videos without downloading. It means that users of WhatsApp are now able to enjoy more video contents on this platform. Users will not be restricted to wait for watching a video. WhatsApp is a popular messaging app, which has over a billion users worldwide and it have revealed an upgrade for videos to watch them easier than ever. Previously users would need to wait for watching a video until the download had completed but from now all the videos in chat window will be played without downloading.

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This update will put WhatsApp in high speed as YouTube. Like on other streaming services WhatsApp is also offering a regular play without completing download. Still this upgrade is acceptable for Android devices; in next few weeks’ iOS and other platforms will also be able use this update. The new feature is currently available for beta version 2.16.365 for Android users only. Soon Windows and iOS devices will be offered to use this updated feature for their users.

For All Platforms

WhatsApp has unveiled this feature for adding an improvement. Last week they introduce a video calling feature for Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. As now WhatsApp users are able to make video chat like Skype and Facebook for free. When user will click on call button a choice will appear on the screen where user will select the option to make a audio or video call. Now more than one billion WhatsApp users are using Video calling service.

The Video Calling uses great amount of data and it will be very effective to make a video call when your Smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi. However, if you have unlimited mobile data, you can always use it without any problems. Last week WhatsApp has also unveiled two-factor authentication security which makes the application more secure than before.

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