what is seo (search engine optimization)




SEO represents search engine optimization. Every webmaster wants his site to appear on the top list of all major search engines(seo). For example, Bob runs an online football store. He wants his site to appear in the top few ads when someone is looking for “football shoes”. Then he gets more clues from the search engine, which means more traffic, more sales, more revenue. The problem is that there are thousands of other football sites whose webmasters want the same thing. It’s search engine optimization, or SEO, enter.

SEO involves some tweaking of personal html pages to achieve high search engine rankings. First, the page title must contain relevant information on the page. In the previous example, Bob’s homepage could have the title “Bob’s football store-shoes and football equipment”. The title is the most important part of SEO because it tells the search engine exactly what page it is. In Bob’s homepage, repeating “football” and “football boots” is very descriptive, as search engines also scan the text of the pages they index.

Finally, there are meta tags. These HTML tags can really differentiate your site from the rest of the stack. The meta tags that most search engines read are descriptions and tags of keywords. In the Description tag, type a brief description of the web page. It should be similar, but more detailed than the title. In the keyword label, you must list 5-20 words related to the content of the page. The use of Meta tags can significantly improve your search engine rankings.

So what happens when a bunch of websites have similar titles, Meta content and tags? Well, most search engines choose to list the most popular sites first. But how can you get into the most popular sites? The best way is to submit your site to a web directory (not just the search engines), and to get other websites to link to yours. It can be a long climb up, but your perseverance will be paid off. For more tips on SEO, visit the submit site.


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