Virtual Reality HTC Vive


Virtual Reality HTC Vive

Virtual Reality HTC Vive

How would you feel if there is a monster whale or dinosaur behind you. Amazing! The fun has already begun and Virtual Reality HTC Vive is already out there. You just have to put VR helmet and fun starts. You will be living in the world you might have thought or even not thought. Yes this is the virtual reality with true sense of real world of almost your choice.

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Thanks to HTV Vive Virtual Reality that people can feel world of imaginary objects around your and you play with them. It is more than a fun and people around you (without VR) might laugh so they will enjoy even.

Virtual Reality has made things possible, you may fly in the air, swim in the space, or go under water at the deepest point. All the fighting games are possible with this smart device. The handy controller will help a lot that it can be a gun, stick or anything according to the virtual environment.

Discover Virtual Reality Beyond Imagination

Yes this is real.

The introductory price $799 is not a big deal which can lead you the world which you might never have thought about. The main accessories include:


Main Headset


Base Station

Link Box

USB Extension Cable

3-in-1 Cable

Power Adapter


Key Features of Headset

Adjustable and Comfortable

Visual Immersion 110 degree

32 Sensors

360 degree tracking

2160 * 1200 resolution

Eye Popping Graphics

Real World Awareness

Battery 960mAh

Now its time to think seriously and go ahead if you are interested.

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