Top 5 Android And IOS Apps


Top 5 Android And IOS Apps free

Tons of Android and IOS Apps Available

There are now hundreds of thousands of apps available for your iPhone and Android. You can use and enjoy these apps without paying any cost because many of the best are free.

Following is the list of best free IOS and Android apps which includes applications for social
networking, travel, news, photography, productivity and more. Most of these apps are also compatible with the iPod touch.

Top Android and IOS Apps

1. Pocket apps

 Pocket app is the best app for using even if there is no internet connection available. Just download this app in your IOS device and then take much advantage as you can. From this app you can save articles, news stories, blog posts, videos and much more for later use and read.

You can view everything even in offline. You don’t have any need of wi-fi connection for reading saved things. It’ll help you to quickly filter your content no matter where you are in your list. You’ll really get interested for this app.

2. Google Translate

With the help of google translate app, you can translate any language into any other language. It helps a lot in communication between persons, belongs to different countries.

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When online, you can translate written or photographed text between dozens of languages, or speak into your device and listen to translations. And for English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, the app will attempt to live-translate (even when offline) any text in front of the camera.

3. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is one of the most favorite app and tries to do what’s right for the viewer that you can enjoy in your IOS devices. This app will help to catch up your favorite TV shows.

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You can also watch online TV and check out the shows that have been broadcast over the past days. You can download your favorite shows or TV channels to watch later without using any internet connection.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is the Google’s free app for photo editing for Android devices. It has the best tools to edit and enhance your photos and make them look better than ever before. The edited photos are then can share with friends or can save to make memories.

You can manually tweak your images or let Snapseed do all of the hard work with settings such as Auto Correct as well as a number of ready to use filters and effects.

5. True messenger

It is s Android app. True messenger is used in place of SMS developed by true caller. True messenger shows you who sent that random SMS, and it automatically sends spam messages to a separate folder so that you can keep your SMS inbox clean and organized.

You can block unwanted messages and share Intel about spammers with the community, which helps everyone avoid them. It provides you some sort of security from unknown users because you can block unwanted users.

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