Top 10 Goggles with Spy Cameras


Goggle with spy cameras are brilliant for sports trainers, travelers, hunters, filmmakers, law enforcement, or just for fun. Not only do the glasses turn as usual goggles, shielding the user's eyes from sunlight, but also they function as camera, plan to capture pictures and stroke from the user's point of view. There are various designs of this creation in the market. Let us see goggles with spy cameras below.

Liquid Image Apex Goggles

     Viewpoint Cameras says Liquid Copy Goggles "make a lot of people who play in the snow very happy." While mainly designed for use in snow activities, the Liquid Twin goggles can be used for biking, water sports, or basically as shelter from sun. The goggles shoot HD video with 1080p quality at 30 frames/second, and 720p at 60 frames/second with spy cameras. Quiet pictures are shot at 12 mega-pixels and the goggles have the capability to shoot in nonstop photo mode. The lens shoots at a wide-angle of 135 degrees, which is outstanding for capturing entire action.

Liquid Image Apex Goggles with Spy Cameras ComputingCage
Liquid Image Apex Goggles - ComputingCage

     The microphone enabled features with Wind Guard Technology which permits from high flow sound, making it comfortable without irritating wind noises gusting into the micro-phone. They are waterproof and fleeting submersion in water. The spy cameras' lenses are switchable to costume opposing conditions as are the bands. The battery and 8 GB memory card are also swappable, so the consumer is not trapped with a dead battery or filled memory card. The lens is modifiable to within 30 degrees of slope, letting the user to pick the finest angle. Lastly, the Liquid Image Apex has Wi-Fi for live streaming to androids and tabs.

Pivot-head Durango Goggles

Pivot-head Durango Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage
Pivot-head Durango Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage

     CNET defines the Pivot-head Durango as "a fast, easy way to shoot Web-friendly POV movies." The surrounds are covered with muted black rubber, which gives them some grasp, and the lenses are influence resistant and could be substitute, making them an outstanding design for use while playing games. The glasses are simple to function with a devotee switch on the uppermost of the left arm and a power button and hid USB port beneath. The glasses are equipped with spy cameras that can capture imagery to flick at a resolution of 1080p at 30 frames/s and to capture photos at 8 MP.

POV ACG25-4CAC1 Goggles 

POV ACG25-4CAC1 Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage
POV ACG25-4CAC1 goggles - ComputingCage

     The POV ACG25-4CAC1 is a wearable video recorder Goggles . It has an 8 megapixel, pin-hole having HD video spy cameras kept in the sun-glass frame. Even if the camera is small, it generates high definition results. The lens has wide-angle recording abilities of up to 72 degrees. The camera films at a resolution of 1280x720 pixels at 35 frames/s in AVI format. Comprised of 4 GB memory, the camera can film for up to 2 hours movie, but the micro SD slot lets users to capture for longer with an extra 16 GB of memory. The Li-Polymer battery lives for up to 4 hours of use.

 Phazzer DVR 5.0 Goggles

 Phazzer DVR 5.0 Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage
Phazzer DVR 5.0 Goggles - ComputingCage

     The DVR 5.0 is the highest of the Phazzer DVR goggles range. With spy cameras it records at 1280 x720-p resolution at a rate of 30 frames/s to produce high definition outcomes. An 8 GB micro SD card permits for the possible of up to 2 hours of recording and its waterproof sticking endures moisture from sweat and damp weather. The diverged lenses offer 100 % safety against UVA, UVC, and injurious blue light, and they are compatible. Its micro-switch control sorts for rapid and easy recording. Phazzer 5.0 is accessible in dull black, cover-up and smokescreen cyclops schemes.

Camsports Coach 720p Goggles

Camsports Coach 720p Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage
Camsports Coach 720p Goggles - ComputingCage

     The Camsports Coach presents athletic goggles with spy video spy cameras mixture that is an admirable device for trainers and empires. The camera can record at 30 frame/s with 1280 x 720-p HD resolution 135 degree extensive angle vision, creating this a decent choice for trainers who want to record the play while leading their teams. Comprised with the product is a 4 GB SD card, with enough space for footage, but the camera has the ability to add a 32 GB card. The glasses have 3 sets of swappable lenses to ensemble different situations. The battery permits for up to 2 hours of successive use and the informal stop/record button is impeccable for taking important moments. Camsports Coach Glasses are accessible in black and white frames.

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Spy Tec Inventio-HD 720P Goggles with Spy Cameras

Spy Tec Inventio-HD 720P Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage
Spy Tec Inventio-HD 720P Goggles - ComputingCage

     The Gadgeteer offers for hands free somewhat covert shelling of decent HD video spy cameras, Inventio-HD does the trick. The replaceable lenses are separate, providing comfortable eye guard. The left and right temples house the battery, electronics, USB port, and a rubber plug. The glasses film AVI files with 720p resolution at 24 frames /s. The battery continues for up to two hours and the 8 GB of storing records about 90 minutes of video. As a bonus, the glasses can be used as a webcam for use with a laptop or PC.

Electroflip iSee Goggles

Electroflip iSee Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage
Electroflip iSee Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage

     Electroflip defines the iSee goggles product as a "no-handed camcorder." The camera films at 720x480-p resolution at 30 frames/s. The long memory allows for up to 10 hours of high-quality video filming and the battery permits for up to three hours of continuous use. The polarized, Polaroid high-performance lenses feature 100 percent UV protection. Although it does not have as high-quality conditions as some of the other products, the Electroflip iSee spy cameras goggles are more moderately priced than the HD products.

Phazzer DVR 3.0 Goggles with Spy Cameras

Phazzer DVR 3.0 Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage
Phazzer DVR 3.0 Goggles with Spy Cameras- ComputingCage

     The DVR 3.0 product is made by Phazzer, a well-respected brand of self-defense weaponry. The 3.0 films at a resolution of 720 x 480 pixel and films at 30 frames per second. When using with still-shot spy cameras, the photographs are a resolution of 1280x1024 pixel and 3.0 megapixel. The 4 GB memory card can records up to 90 minutes of video, but the spy cameras has the potential for an additional 8 GB card, doubling the recording time. In addition, the battery can be used for up to five hours, even in great heat or cold conditions. The built-in microphone has a diversity of up to 10 feet. The 3.0 is an unresolved option for those who cannot afford to pay top dollar for the Phazzer 5.0 model. The Phazzer DVR 3.0 is obtainable in glossy black, matte black, and brown disguise colors.

KJB DVR 281 Camcorder Goggles with Spy Cameras

KJB DVR 281 Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage
KJB DVR 281 Camcorder Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage

     The DVR 281 camcorder goggles are countless for law enforcement officers. The product comes with a wireless remote and one-button photograph capture. With 4 GB of internal memory for spy cameras, there is sufficiently of space for video and photo storing. The spy cameras shoot at 960x720 p resolution at 30 frames /s. When taking photos, the spy camera capture at a resolution of 1280x1024-p and 3.2MP. As an additional bonus, the glasses play MP3 music files and contain headphones for the pleasure of owners.

Active-I Goggles 

Active-I Goggles with Spy Cameras - ComputingCage
Active-I Goggles with Spy Cameras-  ComputingCage

     The motto for Active-i goggles are "what you see is what you get." Great for sports, travel, and more, these glasses are easy to work, taking video and photographs with a simple one-touch button. The glasses equipped with spy cameras have a storage capacity of up to two hours of video footage, which is abundantly of time to capture film. The user-friendly menu on the arm covers basic operations, such as immediate replay, stop/delete, and other video, audio, and photograph functions. The glasses feature an optional detachable LCD viewer than can be attached to an arm to review newly shot film. This is suitable for those who do not have a laptop nearby. The lenses are separated and can be substitute to suit different situations. Active-i glasses are obtainable in medium and extra-large sizes and come in deep black, polar catch, pure Russo, jungle catch, and carbon black colors. The commentators at Wired define the Active-i as "a clever way to capture sights and sounds on the sly."


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