Tip to Save Bandwidth in Windows 10


Windows Update Delivery Optimization

Microsoft chose the best way to reach the updates of Windows 10 at time which is to be known as “Windows Update Delivery Optimization”. This method of optimization seems very interesting as if u know about the downloading of torrents then you can easily understand this way. Using this feature instead of the services of Microsoft updates of Window 10, your computer not only downloads it through another computer in network but it can also download on another computer on network or Internet. By close enough computers your updates will easily be downloaded. Here is smart tip to save bandwidth in Windows 10:

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Tip To Save Bandwidth in Windows 10

Rather than if you have already downloaded it then you have no need to download it through Internet. Whenever they can access it from your computer this feature works on “take some give some” principle. If u want to download updates of Window 10 on someone’s computer then you will send these download updates to any one in need. This feature is good but keep in mind that your all Internet bandwidth should be in your hand. If you want to disable this option in order to save Bandwidth, then go to Windows setting and click on dates and security. Then click on Advanced options in Windows update. Now on the next step choose How Upgrades delivered. Now you can see your option, here you can disable this feature successfully.

See Windows Update Delivery Optimization

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