Time to Upgrade Google Chrome


Time to Upgrade Google Chrome

Upgrade Google Chrome

Yes it would be ideal time to upgrade Google Chrome so that your Gmail should be functioning smoothly. If you are using Google Chrome older version then be informed as Google has already warned multiple times in this matter. Currently most of the users are enjoying version 56 and if you are using version 53 or older then you would receive notification soon.

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Google Chrome Version 54

If you want to keep enjoying Gmail new features then you should upgrade at least version 54 or higher. Older versions would receive warning notification to upgrade into new version. This upgraded version have new security features to keep safe browsing.

If you like Google Chrome and using it on Windows XP or Vista then your working would become in trouble. Because new Chrome versions would not work over these platforms and version 49 was the last version that was fully supported by these older platforms.

Google has cleared in its blog that version 53 would have time up till December 2017. Previously Google has extended this date for two times. In 2013, Google announced that Chrome would support Windows XP till 2015 then it was extended till 2016.

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The point to be noted is that use of Gmail would not secure in older Chrome versions. Neither they could use new features of this popular email facility.

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