Snapchat Glasses are Excellent Magnet Spectacles for Filming


Snapchat Glasses are Excellent Magnet Spectacles for Filming

Snapchat Magnet Glasses

Snapchat is very famous Java based chat application developed by Snapchat Inc. The company has 100 million daily active users. Snapchat has introduced concept of camera wearable sun glasses with software compatible with Android and Apple at introductory price of $130. So we can say that Snapchat glasses are excellent spectacles for filming and recording events.

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What will happen if your sun glasses contain recordable video camera to capture beautiful scene at your request. The video can be able to playback on Smartphone. It will be interesting to highlight some of the salient features of Snapchat Glasses below.

Be informed that Google Glasses (looks more stylish) is already in the market with competitive features but Snapchat glasses are cheaper.

  • Snapchat Spectacles Specs
  • Recording: 115 degree wide angle view
  • Quick Record: 10-second
  • Indicator: LED Recording
  • OS: iOS, Android
  • Video: Circular
  • Style: Ray-ban
  • Charging Magnet Cable
  • Charging Case
  • Bluetooth: Yes

The smart Snapchat glasses comes with excellent style, color and adjustable to every user. The rechargeable battery has excellent timing with one complete charge. You can double tap the left icon to see how much battery is remaining. You may pair up with your Smartphone very easily.

Unlike a Smartphone, you simply put on your spectacles and here it goes. It also offers HD quality of videos. One problem might be that anybody can trace that you are wearing Snapchat glasses at clear icon can be seen at  a distance. Transferring files or video is bit slower because of Bluetooth.

So it is really an amazing and cool gadget to try once in a life to capture videos of your choice. So do not sit idle to buy at an affordable price of $130, much cheaper than Google Glass.

See detail in this video:

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