Shuanet A Spy Adware of Android


Shuanet Adware

Shuanet Adware

Lookout is a famous Information Security company dedicated to find security related issues has successfully made a mark about a spy adware named SHUANET. This malware is a type of Trojan and found to be hidden in more than 20,000 traces in Facebook. Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Candy Crush. Shuanet A Spy Adware of Android is discussed in brief in below.

Actually Shuanet is not only an adware but it also tries to route all android devices in which it is installed. The purpose of such routing scheme is meant to attach on Route User and gain unauthorized access. Route User is a core component of android devices. Another astonishing fact is that it can be alive after factory reset.

Lookout Inc

The source code of Shuanet is so clever that resembles itself to other famous adware such as Kemoge and Shedun. Another difference is that it does not overwhelm the affected device with viruses. This clever Trojan simply keeps the device running and shows ads of their choice.

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The developers can easily hook Shuanet with Facebook or twitter’s AP files and work in hidden. Then such infected application of Facebook and twitter etc. is uploaded into play stores so that it spreads whenever another third party user downloads them.

It does not show any sign of change in any case to the affected device after installation. The only sign to detect it is when it starts showing different ads through top ups while user thinks such ads are from application.

This case might not be serious if this shows only ads, it also tries to route the device which cannot be removed even after factory restore. This adware can only be removed through some expert professional.

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