Self Driving Vehicles


Self Driving Vehicles

Cars with Autopilot

ComputingCage has already published articles on Driverless Car and published detail about the potential benefits of the vehicles. Such driverless car could be ideal for the disabled people and the children. Today news came about Self Driving Vehicles from the small Baltic country of Estonia to test successfully driverless vehicles.

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Google Car Autonomous Driving

A couple of driverless vehicles were tested in a safe city route to verify the collision free travel and not a significant hurdle was seen during the trial period in the beautiful and colorful capital city Tallin. Only some misses have been reported during trials as they failed to give way to the police car. Like all countries, Estonian law does not allow autonomous vehicles on road with a responsible driver. New driverless rules are needed on urgent basis. Many efforts have been made to design such rules including California and Japan driverless rules draft and some other countries. But what about other countries intention about such initiatives? They should also make necessary arrangements to devise such amendments in their existing driving rules in order to cater the need of future driverless vehicles.

Tallink Driverless Shuttles

More initiatives are needed to employ green driving in the driverless vehicles. The world needs carbon free environment and France has already taken initiatives to be carbon free till 2040There is serious and urgent need from other countries as well. The beautiful driverless Tallink Shuttles can be carbon free due to their small structure. These shuttles are imported from France by the transport company DSV.

Blackberry into driverless vehicles

Olli self-driving autonomous public vehicle

Google self-driving car

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