Samsung Note 7 will be recycled


Samsung Note 7 will be recycled

News reports suggest that Korean smartphone giant Samsung Note will be recycled in order to get gold, copper, cobalt, silver and other important elements. It is estimated that Samsung will recover 157 tons of rare metals.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was exploded

Samsung has also released the new version of Galaxy Note 7 FE recently for compensation. Other important components such as the OLED display, memory, and camera modules will be reused or sold out to the third party buyer. Greenpeace has welcomed the decision for environment-friendly recycle process. Samsung sold millions of the Galaxy Note 7 phablet last year before it was recovered due to faulty batteries catching fire.

Anyhow this recall is welcomed throughout the world. Box pack new Note 7 have been fixed by replacing the 3200mAh battery with the name FE. Used Note 7 will, however, be recycled for environmental sustainability.

Samsung will have started to recycle process. All remaining parts will be used to fix Note 7 FE and other parts will be sold. For recycling process, Samsung will join hands with national and international companies and has shown deep interest to continue the environment-friendly process in the future.

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