Samsung galaxy note 7 exploded and less demand


Samsung galaxy note 7 exploded and less demand

News suggests that Samsung Galaxy Note7 exploded during charging. This accident might be based on rumors or falsification as many smartphones are in the market while Samsung is among top trusted phone companies. Although the incident might be based on controversy that Samsung Galaxy Note7 has caught fire. Unauthentic sources report that exploded images posted from Baidu so it means affected model comes from China. It could lead to Samsung galaxy note 7 exploded and not in demand type tumors.

Incident Might Affect Sales

If this news is true then it might affect sale of the new smartphone from the company. Although there are cases with few other companies. The Samsung Galaxy Note7 could be the best phone of the year due to is very stylish design and features. It is always advisable to use manufacturer provided cables (genuine accessories in the box).

In The Favor of Samsung

This might happened during charging with a MicroUSB to type-C converter. The company has recommended using original Samsung charger. However it would be unlikely to blame the company as there could be quoted hundred reasons for such events. The images showed it might happen because of using a third party charging cable (recommended charging cable comes white in the box).

Galaxy Note 7 uses 3500 mAh lithium polymer huge battery so it is considered best in design and battery life. The overall rating for battery is very good. Every Li-Po battery has concerns with safety there are some points everybody should know.

Always use company or manufacturer provided accessories and chargers/cables. It is recommended that all cells of battery should use same voltage in Li-Po batteries. If the voltage deviate very high then it could be very much dangerous.

Always use safety bag (Li-Po fire proof bag) around the case of device or battery.

Samsung galaxy note 7 exploded and not in demand

The explosion in Li-Po batteries is due to chemicals used so be aware of overheating of batteries. In the same sense, too much cold (above -10) Li-Po batteries does not work perfectly.

Never overcharge or discharge too much.

Try to always keep batteries at cool place.

On average batteries cycles are 400 times and it means a battery could be old after an year. So it would be good advice if new battery could be manage after an year.

Last but not the least, if you have intention to buy an old battery then quickly change your mind and buy new battery. This little more money could be safer for you.

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