Samsung Cheap Solid State Storage Devices


Samsung Cheap Solid State Storage Devices

Samsung SSD Devices

Famous Smartphone giant Samsung has decided to continue project to manufacture Solid State Drive (SSD) on cheap price. The company might aim to mitigate or remove price difference between traditional HDD and SSD. So it is evident that Samsung cheap solid state storage devices will be coming in the market very soon.

SSD Storage Device

The solid state drives have become popular soon after released into the consumer market. This popularity is due to the fact that SSD is based on lightweight, lower power and high transfer speed. These features distinguish SSD from local HDD. Due to its lightweight feature, light laptops and notebooks have become possible to be developed on large scale. Now laptops can stay live for longer time with extended battery timing due to lower power conception.

SSD is Efficient but Expensive

It is fact that Solid Sate Drive is efficient but it is expensive than HDD. Although the price difference between SSD and HDD has greatly reduced but yet SDD is still more expensive. Per giga byte rate of SDD costs more than HDD.

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Samsung Aims SSD at Equal Price

Korean consumer Electronics Company Samsung aims to lower the HDD price equal to SSD. Sources report that Samsung would likely to sell its 512GB SSD drive to the price equal to current price of 1TB HDD in 2020. Today, the average SSD price per GB is round 20-50 cent depending upon the capacity (form factor) and type of NAND chip. Currently the HDD per GB cost lowers to 4 cent.

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