Safety Tips For Playing Games For Children

Here is a guide for caregivers of children under the age of 13 who play Roblox game ( เกม โร ลอก which is the term in Thai), giving tips on how to set up the game to protect the little ones from the evil of adults:

1) Stay Informed And Have Regular Conversations With Your Children

It is essential to know what the little ones are playing, as the interest of the caregivers can make it easier for the children to turn to them when they encounter a strange or uncomfortable situation when playing. Be sure to know where the children play, with whom they interact, and even play with them, knowing the possibilities of the platforms.

2) Help Children Understand The Importance Of Personal Information

Teaching children to keep their personal information secure, such as name, address, and where they study, is paramount. It is good to instruct the children to tell an adult if the chat conversations depart from the theme of the game and involve questions about the personal life of gamers, sending links and images, or even requests for offline meetings between players.

3) Set Rules On Spending Money On Games

Spending real money on games is one of the issues that caregivers should address with their children. Adults should set limits that work for their families’ budgets and teach children that permission is required before spending money on games.

4) Know And Use The Security Tools Available

There are several tools for protecting children available in games, including How to top up roblox (วิธี เติม roblox ,which is the term in Thai). Teach children to use blocking and reporting mechanisms. There is also parental control, allowing adults to set up security passwords and restrict their children’s accounts.

5) Encourage Children To Report Any Strange Or Uncomfortable Situations To Adults

Always remind children that if they feel uncomfortable or see inappropriate content, they are approached in the chat with malicious comments or bullying, or any other situation that brings terrible feelings; they can tell what is happening to an adult they trust and ask for help.

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