The introduction to Safetica Technologies


Safetica Technologies

  Safetica Technology Security software deals a full DLP (Data Leak Prevention). DLP is used for data protections at the endpoint level. Safetica Technologies software secure your extensivesecurity of data solution which can create from human factor. No any type of security software that secure your data that can create mistakes from human factor. Safetica Software is one of the software that can save your time.

However, Safetica provides flexibility, completeness and easy to use. The Safetica against the hateful dangerous internal actions. However, Safetica provides full prevention, fully activity reports and fully security tools on user activities. Safetica provide a security techniques in a single software package which provide several security solutions from different hawkers.

Safetica Technologies

Trends and Scope of Safetica Technologies

  • Safetica protectscompletely data leaks stations. It checks the endpoint events coverage for evidence of Safeticafullattention.
·         Management Companysuddenly changes the event in employee activity and productivity changes by division over time.
·         Uncovers security checking all user activities forsigns of potential danger, before the real transfer of data.
·         If there is any data stays out on wrong mailbox, then records where thoughtful files sent and stores information for future.
·         Allows selected package of work related blocks and application for a more secure environment.
  • Firstly, Safetica management console allowsone-stop security reporting, management and integrates all company data blocking, reporting and protection policies.
  • Secondly, Its checks and secured communication lines including websites by using HTTPS protocol.
  • Thirdly, Free users after the need to buy extra security appliances. The endpoint agents arranged in Safetica also offerData Leak Preventionstructures for Company networks.
  • Finally, Safetica covers any instants messaging protocol, application, or webmail.
  • Safetica Technologies


Finally, So Don’t worry About data stoln if you are in business. This is a job.Its provides full prevention, fully activity reports and fully security tools on user activities.  Safetica security software (DLP) provide features to secure your data against loss, without changing how people work.


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