Robots are Working in Restaurant – Sally


Robots are Working in Restaurant - Sally

Rethink Robotics

Do you believe if robots are working in the restaurant and taking your meal orders? Yes, it is going to happen when you will enter a restaurant then a welcoming robot (might be a female beautiful robot) will open the door and guides you to the table, taking the orders and delivering the meal. Robots are working in the restaurant – Sally is that robot.

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No need Phillips Salad Maker

Yes, you might not need Phillips salad maker and it will be made by the robot. A new type of robot has been designed with the help of chef Charlie Ayers which can make 1000 types of salads using 21 food ingredients very skillfully. The amazing thing is that Sally (Salad maker robot) takes only one minute to make one salad. It is expected Sally might be helpful in big restaurants and has a tendency to be an integral part in big hotels. The size of Sally is bigger than a normal ATM machine and works digitally.


You may choose through digital menu board, the type of salad and Sally will be providing in no time. The condition is that relevant ingredients should already be inside the Sally. A user can also select own salad ingredients if has some food concern and Sally will make it accordingly.

Charlie Ayers has greatly helped the Sally and you may feel the taste of Chef. So digital technology has been developed versatile to cater the new needs of food preparation. It may open or have already opened the new horizons of the chef. People with limited movability or busy businessmen may use if size and cost are reduced.

The company targets for the futuristic food preparing robots for other cuisines as well and it has initial plan to implement 125 such machines (Sally) in different locations in San Francisco. It might also help for those who do not want fatty junk foods during official times.

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Many research projects have worked to discuss the possibilities of robots in the service of the human. new types of robots are being designed capable of handing over the object to human and compensating for unexpected movements of the human through its arm motion and base movement.

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