Robotic Surgery or Robot-Assisted Surgery


Robotic Surgery or Robot-Assisted Surgery

Robot Doctor

Robotic surgery or robot-assisted surgery can effectively operate people in various situations. For example, brain operation is always complicated and risky. Highly experienced surgeons are required normally for the brain operations as it is the long surgical procedure. Good news came from Canada where the intelligent robot has been designed efficiently that can perform microscopic operations on the brain effectively.

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According to the detail, this robot doctor can perform operations in minutes very effectively. So it can provide surgical benefits to the million of patients in the word. This robotic drill surgeon takes help from CT Scan for brain visualization. This robotic doctor can move its machinery minutely to the sensitive brain cells within minutes. This is effectively and successfully tested in different trials in order to judge its accuracy.

This robot doctor has the tendency to revolutionize the medical sciences in the near future. Surgeon hands may shiver during operation but robot-assisted surgery can effective give results. It can visualize at the microscopic level where the human eye cannot see. In short, this robot doctor will soon be doing complicated and risky surgical operations in minutes.

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