Robot Police in Dubai Robocop

Robot Police in Dubai Robocop
The world’s first operational police robot stands at attention as they prepare a military cannon to fire to mark sunset and the end of the fasting day for Muslims observing Ramadan, in Downtown (courtesy AFP PHOTO / GIUSEPPE CACACE)

Robocop Dubai Police

Robots are being used in diversified fields from underground to space. So new type of cops will be seen on the roads of Dubai helping people. The world has witnessed remarkable advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the new type of robots are introduced that work based on AI. These AI Robots are being modernized very frequently with the passage of time. Dubai Police has decided to recruited new police staff or the new type of machine police officers that might work diligently. These robocops will not only wander on the roads but also watch the surrounding environment efficiently. Robot police in Dubai Robocop will be 5 feet and five inches in height and it will recognize human faces easily.

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Dubai Police Robot

Initially, people may register their challan reports and submit fines through the Robocop. Robot police can recognize the face from 20 meters. It carries a touchscreen panel where people may register report and it is immediately forwarded to the concerning department of the call center of the Police.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, such Robocops will understand different languages and speak or respond accordingly on the spot. Dubai Police aims at having up to 25% Robocops in its police force till 2030. Emirates Robot Police Force was decided to establish in the recently held Gulf Security Conference. In this event, Director General of Dubai Smart Police Khalid Razaqi had the views “Hiring of a first robot police officer is the crucial land stone in the history of Emirates and another positive step for technology towards Smart City in the future”.

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