Professor Stephen Hawking talked on Artificial Intelligence


Professor Stephan Hawking talked on Artificial Intelligence

Professor Stephen Hawking warned one more time that Artificial Intelligence can detail humanity. Stefan Hawking is popular British physicist and scientist totally paralyzed on specialized computerized wheelchair. Professor Stephen had the views that this autonomous weapon could damage many physical and non physical assets. So this is an open research area to research more and more. However, Professor Stephen also expressed positively and ave views that if sufficient research has been conducted then AI would be very beneficial for human. It could eradicate poverty and many diseases. Professor Stephen Hawking talked on Artificial Intelligence very positively.

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Professor Stephen Hawking was talking in Center for the Future of Intelligence in Cambridge University. The center would further investigate the effects caused by progressive AI.

Stephen has expressed his views that all man made progress is due to human intelligence, no doubt. He believes that an ordinary human brain and computer can almost perform very similarly. So theoretical computers could copy human intelligence and even more intelligent.

Artificial Intelligence is a Threat

Stephen is not single person talking about possible treats associated with AI. Many researchers have more or less the same views. Stephen has considered AI as dangerous weapon multiple times. So further research is needed. Recently AI has made significant progress in all walks of life. The major reason is big investment from big companies as these see AI as big futuristic market.

Stephen express wish that it would be great achievement to develop a complete human intelligence. But if associated risks are not removed, then it could cause end of life on earth. If there are thousands of benefits of AI, same time it could kill economy.

The biggest disadvantage could be; it could be more intelligent than human in the future. The result is very clear to ordinary people.

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