Pakistani Researchers has Designed Mechanism for Older People


Pakistani Researchers has Designed Mechanism for Older People

Good news for elderly population that Pakistani researchers has designed mechanism for older people. Pakistani students from National Institute of Science and Technology (NUST) has contributed in the field of older people and they proposed mechanism that can effectively lower arm shivering during gripping, writing and related tasks.

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The contest was organized by Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge to seek ideas for older people in their wellness and related comfort in their disease. In this contest, three students from NUST has proposed good design called Tremor Acquisition and Minimization. The contest held in 30 March where this project won first prize due to novelty.

This method of tremor reduction was proposed by these students from School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Pakistan. Trials were tested under experience physicians and experts from the area. The project was supervised by renowned researcher Dr. Raza Kazmi.

This proposed method can be equipped into any device and can be worn into any cloth. This wearable tremor reduction device can be put on arm to check and control arm movement during various daily routine tasks. This device can effectively detect and control ambulatory and tremor motion.

This prize was selected among other students from MIT, Cornell university, Beijing University and Stanford University. Pakistani students were chosen as first prize with distinction.

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