Types of Output Devices In computer


Output devices:

The output unit of the output devices is responsible for generating the output in user-readable form. Various output devices, such as a monitor (also known as decompression, ie video display unit), printer, plotter, etc., make the computer output unit.

output devicesTypes of Output Devices:


A monitor or screen is the most common form of output for a computer. It displays the information in the same way as on the TV screen. The image on the monitor consists of thousands of dots called pixels. Cathode ray tube (CRT): – it works like a TV-it has an electronic gun on the back of the glass tube, which excites the electrons to make the screen shine.  LCD is used to create pixels on the screen. Each tiny liquid cell is a pixel.


Printers are one of the most practical and useful ways that computers can pass information by printing characters. The printer can be divided into two different categories. Impact Printer: There is mechanical contact between the printer head and the paper of this printer. Printer without impact: There is no mechanical contact between the printer head and the paper of this printer.

Assign the printer:

Matrix Printer Impact Point Printer: The Matrix Printer (DMP) is the most popular serial printer, meaning it points to a character. In DMP, the print head contains a vertical array of pins. As the head moves on the paper, the selected pins pull the ink ribbon to form the dot pattern on the paper. There are 80 DMP columns and 132 DMP Ionic markets available.
Printer without impact:
Printer without impact

1. Electromagnetic printer:

Whenever Use electromagnetic recording technology, the printed magnetic image can be written on the drum surface.

2. thermal printer:

When heat that converts an electrical pulse into a selected part of a print head or a wire or feather. When heat is apply on the heat-sensitive paper, a character is printed.

3. Electrostatic printer:

For electrostatic printers, the paper also is coated with non-conductive dielectric materials, and when the voltage is used with the “feather” writing (the head), it retains its charge. Whenever he passes, the head is written on the paper. 4. Inkjet printer: The printer directs the ink flow at high speed to the paper. The ink flow decompose into water drops by an ultrasonic sensor.

5. laser printer:

This printer uses desktop copier technology. The desired output is write in the  copier drum using a computer-controlled beam. These laser printers are also quite capable of producing a high dot mass. The speed of a laser printer can be a page upto10-15 per minute (ppm).


Speaker: Whenever speaker receives a sound from the current form of the sound card and converts it to a sound format.


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