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 Online Education And Learning:

Online Education

Online education canbe defined as an approachto teaching and learning that utilizes Internettechnologies tocommunicate andcollaborate in aneducational context.We can say in simple word  that online learning is just one type of “distance learning” .Distance learning has a long history and there are several types available there


•  conducted through regular mail with little interaction.

• contents are also broadcast through radio or television .

•  the student interacts with static(CD AND DVD) computer content.

• Mobile Learning: by means of devices such as cellular phones, PDAs and digital audio players (iPods, MP3 players).

What Is the Purpose of Learning?

Online educationis any type of learning that takes place through a computer devices.Therefor education is primarily   point through the Internet. it can  also beesstablished with CD-ROMs and DVDs, streaming audio or video and other media. The purpose of e-education is to allow people to learn for personal inhancment .It helps us to earn a professional degree, without physically attending athe specific university or academic programs.learning can be acess  for all levels of education from school to graduate degrees. It is versatile enough effective learning styles.

Students  in  network work from all over the nation. Learning online doesn’t have to distance . In fact, students should make also  the more out of their courses by networking with their peers. Not only can you make friend. Online education programs having less chargers than traditional schools. . This is especially true if you’re a faulted  student or already have a lot of transfer credits.

Many online education programs allow pupils to work at their own pace. Some students don’t mind following the pace of a traditional course with the rest of the students. with material that they don’t have time to understand. If working at your own pace is important to you, look for online programs that offer flexible start and finish dates.Online education allows to continue their careers while working towards a degree. they need to keep their specific position to stay relevant in the field. But, they need to further their education to go further. Online education help us to solve both hardels

Benifites OF Online Education:

  • Its  cannot to participate in traditional classroom settings.
  • Who cannot find a particular class at their chosen institution.
  • who live in remote locations.
  • whoes work full-time and can only study at or after work.
  • Online Education

  Online education:

  • Research shows increased depth of understanding.
  • developing  writing skills, technology skills,and also time management.
  • Increased student-to-teacher and student-to-student interaction and also discussion.
  •  increased variety of learning activities address different learning styles
  • translate to on-ground courses as well
  • Time to examine student work more thoroughly.
  • Ability to document and also record onlin interactions.
  • Ability to manage grading online.

In the summery:

Agreed statement are approvel that online learning is a type of educational method that is stay and despite problems, “will contribute to the advancement of the scholarship of teaching and learning”  statement show great promise for what online education can accomplish in the future.It is also believed that any person who wants  geeting“a high  education, should  able to obtain elements of it as readily online.


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