Olli Autonomous Self-Driving Public Transport

Olli Autonomous Self-Driving Public Transport
olli autonomous mini bus

Olli Autonomous Self-Driving Public Transport

An autonomous or self-driving vehicle is one that is totally driverless based on sensing environment and responding accordingly following rules of Artificial Intelligence. The Olli is initially developed for low speed roads for 8-12 passengers at speed of 12-18mph within range of 60 miles. Currently Olli is not available for the public yet.

Local Motors have developed self driving public transport van that could carry passengers. The company is not a regular automobile company, yet it has been testing the Olli in its Test Lab using 3D printing system. The company has already received some orders for Olli for version 0.0.

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Healthy Competition

Dozens of vehicle manufacturers are out there making green cars and buses. Only few of them are working on autonomous vehicles and such companies include Google, Local Motors, IBM, GM and many others. As the trends toward such vehicles increases then such companies could be more active to introduce cheap and perfect cars and buses with passage of time.

GM has recently acquires Cruise Automation of $1B for self-driving tech startups. Google is also one of the innovative leaders in this race and very active to introduce such self-drive car. Apple has hired many employees from other vehicle manufacturers and this means the company is serious planning to work on autonomous cars although authorities has never given such announcements. Other such examples could be from Audi, BMW, Bosch, Scania, Delphi, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Mercedes Benz and many others.

Olli Autonomous Self-Driving Public Transport

Risks with Olli

Risks are same that might have been discussed in numerous places. One of the biggest risks in such autonomous vehicle is collision. Nobody could dare to use it if Olli does not get customer satisfaction. There is a need to test the Olli on almost all kinds of road and crowd without passengers then people might be able to trust and sit.

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Olli Should Get Driving License

Although navigation system has been made excellent and used in many parts of the world. Yet the Olli should be tested in the same pattern that a new learner undergoes series of Driving Tests. If such driving tests are passed then concerning authorities should give license same as human driver.

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