Now A Locust Type Robot Could Save Lives


Now A Locust Type Robot (Taub) Could Save Lives


If it looks like a locust… boasts the power of locust, but it’s not a real a locust! yes It is a robot. Now a locust type robot could save lives.


Engineers in Israel have employed the qualities of locust into a new type of  versatile robot known as Taub.

Having after tested the jumping behavior of locust, the organization used it as the foundation for their robotic project – gradually in each phases and checking rechecking to validate how it works. Scientists believe that such robots can function in tough areas of war and hazardous places of bloods to save important lives.

Professor  of Zoology Amir Ayali at Tel Aviv University School of Lifestyles Sciences says, “The locust uses mechanical energy similarly to its muscle force as a way to generate a jump and this is exactly what we’re imitating and stimulated via.

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The use of carbon rods, metal springs, and 3-D printed material, the institution has designed to control a robot that seems like a locust – and may bounce like one, two.

Indeed, the lithium battery-powered “insect” can jump a lot. A ROBOT is typically a computerized and programmable machine that can perform tasks automatically using Artificial Intelligence. This is a unique science of Robotics which uses robots for its functioning. So a robot can effectively exploit human capabilities into ordinary life to easy different tasks.

We’re using a tiny motor that shops and generates mechanical power,” Ayali goes on saying. “This mechanical strength within the springs is surely very just like the locust legs and is what propels the robotic into the air.”

So what’s the element, you can marvel?

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Insect Robot is comparatively new study of science and it opens vast field of insect to observe and execute their movements in different angles. Of course we can learn many thing from insect especially ANT and grasshoppers.

This type of study can further constitute towards military and rescue operations and it can effectively detect errors in narrow passages in many situations. This type of insect or Locust Robot can be applied to find faults in oil spills and cleanup.

There are different categories of Robots, some them are listed below:

1- Virtual Robots

These are not real robots, actually they are computer software or programs that function particular task. One such example includes Crawler which search engine uses for indexing items. These robots usually simulate different things e.g. ChatterBot was one such robot which performs conversation with user. One of the famous such robots was ELIZA.

2- Remote Control Robots

It is kind of autonomous robot which needs instructions from remote controller to perform tasks. So these not not every intelligent systems. Example includes Dante-2, a NASA robot typically designed to explore volcanoes on other planets.

3- Autonomous Robots

These are intelligent or expert programs that are designed on the basis of self assisted instructions. They can also be controlled somehow to perform a particular task as well. Usually they exploit internal built in memory to function properly. All computer programmed drones fall into this categories. This are also called aerial or movable robots.

4- Stationary Robots

despite of Autonomous or movable robots, stationary robots are designed to be fixed with some surroundings to function. Such robots mostly perform repeated tasks or in assembling plants.

Locust Robot is small, efficient and cheap to be deployed in many areas. This is available on price of around $100, it’s meager investment for any agencies to have vast applications.

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