Nokia Launches IoT Worldwide


Nokia launches IoT worldwide

It is really good news that Nokia launches IoT worldwide. IoT (Internet of Things) has the potential to be global business. Electronic devices are linked with each other and controlling one device to another with or without human intervention. These electronic devices could range from smart watch to space shuttle. Experts estimate that nearly 20 billion devices might be connected by 2020 and it has great potential to be market worth of $12 trillion by 2030. CEO of Cisco has the views that connected device could build a business of $19 trillion.

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Nokia IoT Network Grid

Nokia wants to introduce IoT network grid to provide services for medical, transport, finance, utilities and communication. Devices that are connected to IoT network, need continuous connection rather more bandwidth. Nokia is respectable company of mobile phone and let us wait to introduce Finnish company an innovative IoT deployment.

ComputingCage sees IoT Everywhere

Nokia’s one stop full featured service would provide all IoT features in one place. IoT is emerging market and many international businesses are focusing on it. More companies coming into IoT means more demand for cyber security as well. So Nokia, Palo Alto, Symantec, IBM and AT & T are joining hands for improved security requirements in order to prevent possible attack on IoT network. ComputingCage has already published couple of article on IoT and please check some of them below:

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